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Max Muller

Golf Laser RangeFinder

Golf Laser RangeFinder

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Golf Laser Rangefinder

Are you a huge golf fan and searching for a high-quality laser range finder? If yes, look no further than this one by Max Muller. Unlike most laser range finders you will find on the market, this one is highly versatile, durable, and has an incredible array of features. Contrary to popular belief, a laser range finder can come in handy for plenty of things besides golf like fog, speed, and hunting.
This device provides users complete access to different modes, making things as convenient for them as possible.
- Fog measuring mode
  • - Speed measuring mode
  • - Hunting mode
  • - Scan measuring mode
  • - Distance measuring mode

As Convenient as they Come

This golf laser range finder is easily portable because of its handy rope design. It is tight, small, and does not occupy too much space. No matter where you keep it, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this device will not be a nuisance.

Tremendous Product Features

This rangefinder has excellent dimensions, ensuring you can use it without any discomfort. Here is a list of extraordinary features you will find on this device,
  • Laser receiving mirror
  • Laser transmitting mirror
  • Mode key
  • Launch key
  • Focus knob or Observation eyepiece
  • Battery icon
With so much convenience being offered, it is hard to argue that this golf laser range finder is one of the best in the market and can fulfill your various sporting, hunting, and other outdoorsy needs
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